Peloton Cycle Review – Better Workouts than Gym? Find Out Here!

 Today we will be reviewing the Peloton Cycle – a smart indoor exercise bike which claims to offer both – the comfort of home and function of a high-end gym.

Read our in-depth review and find out more about the cycling bike.

Peloton Cycle – Background:

Tell me the truth, how many times have you avoided going to the gym and made excuses like, it’s too far or it’s too crowded.

How many times did you justify not going to the gym due to the heavy traffic you expect on the way?

On how many occasions did you sign up for a gym membership but missed your days as you were too lazy to change clothes and go out.

How about going outside for a run in the nearby park? It is too cold to go outside right?

Many times, right! Join the club you are not alone!

Although there are some people who go to the gym just like they eat and sleep, most individuals make all sorts of excuses to avoid exercise. However, some exercise is good for our health and lack of exercise not only makes us lazy but also increases weight and makes us vulnerable to various diseases.

If you are also one of those who wishes to participate in some form of exercise but are too lazy to leave home, get dressed, and face the hassle of traffic – then you are in for some good news.

Peloton Cycles have been launched especially for individuals like you.

The Peloton Cycles initially came in the market through Kickstarter in the year 2013. During the first few months, it surpassed the maker’s expectation of $250,000 and raised more than $300,000.

May 2014 saw the opening of Peloton’s flagship studio in New York where all Peloton classes are filmed and broadcasted all over America.

Today, Peloton’s Cycles are sold all over America while the makers are hoping to expand their product to consumers in Canada, UK, and other parts of the world in the near future.

The man behind the creation is John Foley. Before getting into this new venture, he has worked in several prominent positions which include being the president of Barnes and Noble, co-founder of, and co-founder as well as the CEO of

He is also a fitness enthusiast and is a competitive cyclist and athlete. He enjoys being part of yoga classes, boot camps, and of course – indoor cycling.

What makes Peloton Cycle different from others?

Yes, I know! There are a lot of different types of indoor cycles available in the market. What makes this one so unique?

The Peloton is not only a cycle but also your personal trainer. It has a Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth connection which allows users to live stream classes and view on the HD Screen display or view the classes that were previously filmed but are hot favorites.

The spin classes that are broadcasted live from the Peloton Studio are conducted by some of the best spin trainers. The studio itself is very high-tech and boasts cameras of the latest technology such as robotics that provide you with a full view of the going on’s of the classroom.

The classes are offered in both – English and Spanish and if you are unable to join in the class at its regular timings, there is an option to record it so you can view it at your convenient time.

The classes of Peloton Studio last for 45 minutes and the instructors not only coach the students in class but also to the bikers at home.

And hey, if you don’t like the trainer for any reason, you can select another one and join his/her class. This is something you definitely can’t do at a regular gym session.

The Peloton Cycle Screen:

The 21” display screen is sweat resistant and is enabled with high-quality speakers. The screen features all the basic metrics as well such as Calorie count, distance, output, and other stats.

The Bike itself:

The bike features an adjustable seat and a resistance knob which is located within an arm’s reach. Make sure you learn how to handle the resistance knob as the instructor will frequently tell you to crank it up during the workout sessions.

The pedals also have cleat locks so your shoes stay locked at all times and you don’t have to fear to fall off the cycle.

Straps for water bottles and dumb bells are also provided in the back.

The price of Peloton Cycle:

The Peloton Cycle is no alternative to a gym membership and is a “tad” more expensive. The cycle costs around $2000 but users are required to subscribe for monthly spin classes for $39.00.

The monthly subscription will provide them access to unlimited live and “on-demand” spin classes. It will also provide accounts for family members and friends who wish to take your “cycle for a ride”.

Of course, those who reside in New York don’t have to purchase it outright. They can join in the spin classes that are being held at Peloton Studio and join in the fun while making the most of their health.

Should you buy the Peloton Cycle?

Peloton Cycle is a big investment because of the heavy price tag it carries. It is certainly not intended for users who just wish to pass time but is an ideal piece of equipment for those who want to work hard towards making their personal health better.

Unlike other home fitness equipment which offers standard features – the Peloton Cycle combines the ambiance of the gym and the comfort of home in one place. With a Peloton Cycle in your home, you will no longer have to make excuses for missing out on the gym or being lazy to go for a run. With the Peloton Cycle, you will have a personal trainer on hand at all times.

So if you are ready to make a dedicated effort of enhancing your health and fitness level, then the Peloton Cycle is the right choice for you. Invest in it now and exercise while enjoying live classes on your Peloton Cycle.

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