Patriot Renewal Review – Anti-Aging Formula by Patriot Health Alliance

The answer to immortality is something that many people have been attempting to uncover, however despite their strongest efforts, it is something that has remained outside grasps of many. However, a recent discovery high in the mountains of China could very well change everyone’s perception on immortality.

In one of the most remote areas of China, an incredibly large amount of local denizens are surpassing ages beyond 100 and sometimes even more. Not only this, but many also feel healthy and energetic despite their old ages. This was incredibly baffling to the Chinese government and they assigned certain scientists to locate the cause for this health.

After a study spanning over 10 years, it was discovered that there was one thing linking these locals to their incredibly healthy lifestyle: a plant that was locally known as xiancao. Locals drank this several times in a single day, unbeknownst of the powerful effects that it had. In fact, they merely liked the sweet taste it provided to their teas. Scientifically, this plant is known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum.

This plant is part of a special new type of nutrients known as the Genesis Nutrients. Another addition to the genesis nutrients is rare rejuvenating minerals found in the deep ocean water. Utilizing the essence of minerals like rubidium and clay has assisted in supporting many people in the past. Understanding the basics of these nutrients, Patriot Health Alliance brings forward their new product called the Patriot Renewal – an anti-aging formula unlike any in the past.

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What Is Patriot Renewal?

Patriot Renewal is a new supplement that aims to bring people the essential power of world’s most beneficial minerals. There is no doubt in the fact that certain minerals are more powerful than others. This is why certain minerals have a wide array of unique features and benefits. This is especially true for minerals that are found deep below the Earth’s surface.

As a result of the intense pressure and frigid temperatures that these places undergo, these minerals are packed together in a manner that ensures that their benefits are strengthened beyond any point that was previously thought possible.  The wide array of benefits that Patriot Renewal provides is what makes up the core foundation of this product.

While much of its features and functionality will be discussed in detail later on, the basic gist of it is to harness the special minerals that are available in certain locations of the planet to empower people. As a result, this product can support people in eliminating a number of issues that are synonymous with old age.

How Does Patriot Renewal Work?

As mentioned before, this product utilizes the essential benefits that many minerals found under the Earth’s waters provide. However, stating that is only really scraping the surface of what it can do. The real answer is much longer – and a bit complex. The thing is that these minerals aren’t just special because they’re found in a convoluted location.

What allows them to really excel is through a process known as bio-genesis. Bio-genesis occurs in one’s cells. Essentially, it is the creation of new “power generators” in one’s body that can help them in a number of ways. Primarily, people have been known to gain year’s worth of energy. Experts who have looked into this process in the past have agreed that it is indeed quite powerful. Certain institutes have even claimed the following:

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies reports “mitochondria are the cornerstone of aging research.”

Experimental Gerontology adds growing new mitochondria is “critical for maintenance of energy and healthy aging.”

Colorado State University anti-aging researchers report “mitochondrial biogenesis slow the aging process and extends health span.”

That said, the benefits of using underwater minerals to boost mitochondria in one’s cells are quite apparent. However, if one is interested in flat numbers, then they should know that Deep Ocean Water Minerals are 6 times more powerful than Indian Gooseberry, 6.5 times more powerful than Alpha Lipoic Acid and nearly 45 times more powerful than PQQ at creating new mitochondria in your cells.

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The Ingredients Used in Patriot Renewal


Resveratrol is another key ingredient that is used in the Patriot Renewal formula. In essence, it assists in the creation of new, youthful genes in a process known as genomic-genesis. Certain news outlets have also talked about the various benefits of using this ingredient.

CBS News calls it a “life-extending red wine ingredient”… and

The Independent hails it as a “miracle ingredient that helps us stay young.

It helps to keep one’s blood circulatory system in shape, and gives them the proper flowing of blood they need to remain active and healthy even at an old age. In conclusion, this ingredient is quite powerful, being able to activate the protection of one’s cells, promoting youthfulness. It works quite well, even in small amounts, and provides a number of youthful benefits that are hard to find anywhere else.


Another essential ingredient who is a part of this supplement is BacoMind. BackMind is derived from an Indian pennywort herb (Bacopa monnieri). Many people have prized this herb as a notable healer for centuries. The primary benefit that one attains from this ingredient is better memory power.

It assists to reduce brain fog, and ensures that one is thinking clearly, vividly and without pauses. The basic idea behind Bacomind is that it helps to restore the critical brain protein, BDNF, which essentially prevents the death of existing brain cells. Additionally, new cells are created in a process known as neuro-genesis.

Furthermore, the brain is given a new surge of prime antioxidants. This supports people in eliminating radical damage and brain decline. As a result, people are provided a number of astonishing results. Things that seemed in possible in the past for certain people are now firmly within their grasps. This can be as small as forgetting imperative chores that needed to be done, all the way to sharper, more important details of their life.

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Benefits of Using Patriot Renewal

This part of the review will summarize the basic benefits that this supplement provides to its users.

Comes Alongside a Number of Bonuses

When purchasing this supplement, one receives additional bonuses. This includes, two completely free bottles of Patriot Renewal, as well as a 7-Day supply of Patriot Power Greens. Additionally, you will get a guidebook on the 9 Deep Ocean Secrets for Youth and Vitality, as well as free shipping and handling. Finally, a special donation is given to help veterans and their families.

Money Back Guarantee

This product ensures that its users can refund their money if it didn’t fit their expectations.

Comes from a Reliable Source

The creators of this supplement have had a long history with producing reliable health products – and as such it is quite a reliable purchase.

Conclusion on Patriot Renewal

Patriot Renewal utilizes the assistance of natural sources that have been proven to be quite advantageous. People who wish to feel youthful once more should certainly take a look and see if it is something that they may be interested in. For more information, visit their official website that lists the exact pricing, as well as a lot of FAQs and other vital details.


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