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It has always been considered a miracle to have military or athletic power! But, attaining such a power with workouts, diets and routine checkups with trainers and containers can be a time consuming process and one might get discouraged with the length of the procedure. Patriot Power Protein, on the other hand has captured the market by offering such a strength locked in a supplement bottle! It is a yummy green drink with a formula based on a number of healthy fruits, vegetables and enzymes meant to increase the stamina and boost energy levels.


The name itself suggests that the drink was originally made to reinstate the youthful energy in the members of US military. The word ‘Patriot’ therefore, is used to honour the origin of the drink. It is basically a breakthrough after the collaborative efforts Board of the American Academy of Anti-againg medicine and Patriot Health Alliance. A number of veterans in the US force in the coast guards, fitness models and influential people over their 50s, have experienced greater energy, advanced immunity, better cardiovascular health and efficient digestion, revered other aging symptoms and transformed their lives with the exceptional complex in the drink. 

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Patriot Power Protein mainly targets the inflammation and inflammatory agents in the human body. According to research, a number of health conditions, mental health issues and worsening symptoms of aging result in a medical disorder called inflammation. Some people take inflammation for granted and underestimate the bulks and acidity caused by it.

However, a time comes when the excessive acidity in the body negatively affects the connective tissues of the body: blood, bones, cartilages, ligaments, tendons and most importantly, joints. This acidity appears in the form of heartburn and upon taking it lightly, it can turn into sleep disorders, memory failure, cell rupture and fractures, fatigues, and even tinnitus.

The military-inspired formula has already started helping thousands of people in the US and has received an average rating of 4.5 out 5. It doesn’t make one pop out of the couch with achy joints and fatigues all gone, and that neither is practical. It slowly and gradually provides stamina in the joints and bones and makes them stronger with each dose.

It electrifies the body and people start feeling instant energy shooting up. It does so by increasing the metabolism rate in the body, cutting up inflammation, detoxifying the toxic material, burning the stubborn fat as required, and repairing the cellular structure. And then, it fixes issues with the heart and nerve cells and induces new cell growth. The ultimate results include reduced chances of serious diseases like Angina, strokes and nervous breakdowns.

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Patriot Power Protein energy drink is super user-friendly. Along with accelerating the anabolism and catabolism, it has other plus points that make it stand out from its so-called substitutes in the market! Firstly, it is purely organic, all-natural and chemical free. It is composed of healthy ingredients that are highly concentrated in multivitamins and minerals.

It does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, additives or even gluten that would increase the mass. It doesn’t interact with the body molecules and so, there are no allergic reactions. It doesn’t backfire in form of nausea, headaches or even milder reactions.

The drink contains probiotic strains, which is basically cells from the good bacteria. They make the digestion better, and help the mechanical and chemical digestion so that, not even a nutrient is wasted.  For the same reason, it contains certain enzymes that exclusively speed up the digestion process, curing gastric disorders like gas, diarrhea, fluid-stool and constipation.

It is also perfectly fine for people with allergies from wheat, lactose, peanuts and soy. And, even if such reactions take place, or the drink doesn’t deliver the claimed results (which is not even close to rare), then, the bottles could be shipped backed as they come with a money-back guarantee. The 24*7 helpline can be contacted anytime for a refund request.


Patriot Power Protein drink helps burn fat. Weight loss becomes easier when alkaline foods are taken regularly. They are known to activate the process of ketosis in which the body fat is utilized to create energy for physical activities. This way, it helps stabilize the blood glucose, melts the fat clots present in the blood and maintains the blood pressure. Digestion gets better with time and stubborn fat from the troubles areas are removed, causing the betty to look leaner and flatter.

It also gives relief from gastric disorders, fatigues, joints pain and bone scratching. The most important benefit of the drink is that it doesn’t require the use of NSAIDS to reduce the body inflammation. It contains anti-inflammatory agents and doesn’t allow free radicals to accumulate in the body. 

Further, it backs up the neurotransmissions, causing a noticeable healing in panic attacks, depression and anxiety. It elevates the cognitive levels, improves mental focus and alertness and sharpens the memory. It reverses the aging symptoms, creates a hormonal balance and advances immunity making it look younger. It restores the lost energy and increases the stamina for workouts and physical exercises.

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1. Ideal dose would be a mix of one tablespoon of powder with a glass of water, everyday. Users are suggested to take the supplement mixing it in water, a green or a citric juice. It can’t be cooked or would lose its ability to boost energy.

2. Only users aged 20-50 years are allowed to consume the drink. Teens under 18, pregnant and breastfeeding women are strictly prohibited to use the supplement.

3. People on blood-thinning agents, or major medical prescriptions are suggested to consult their doctors or fitness trainers before consuming the juice.

4. Overdose will not speed up the action, slowly and steady wins the race! Missing a dose might slow the process. If a dosage or two are missed, the drink can be taken from the very next timing.

With a drink like Patriot Power Protein, age is just a number!

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