Internal 911 Review – Phytage Labs’ Colon Cleanse Supplement

When it comes to health, most people pay special attention to their heart, blood sugar and body fat. One commonly neglected part of the body is the digestive system. Ironically, gastrointestinal issues have become just as common as diabetes, heart disorders and obesity. It is an embarrassing yet very common ailment which affects a large number of individuals today. Irregularity with bowel movements, flatulence, bloating, stomach pain and constipation-like symptoms cause immense discomfort. In addition, these common symptoms may lead to a number of other ailments if left untreated. Internal 911 has been designed to fight these exact issues which most individuals are too hesitant to discuss with their doctors. There is no need to look elsewhere for a remedy since these pills offer the perfect solution


How do these Pills Work?

This remedy has been developed for common colon-related disorders. People usually ignore issues like recurrent episodes of constipation, painful gas, irritable bowels, bloating and several other related disorders. However, if nothing is done to get rid of these uncomfortable symptoms, these issues can become more serious and may begin to affect other areas of the health as well. For instance, colon-related problems may lead to poor absorption of nutrients, weight gain, bad breath, heartburn and other ailments. Internal 911 helps individuals get rid of the issue from the root in order to prevent all the associated disorders.

Primarily, these pills perform a detoxification process for the body. It is mainly due to the accumulation of toxins in the body which gives rise to these gastrointestinal issues. This is because most people consume a poor diet consisting of processed food, non-organic fruits and vegetables and junk food. The increasing trend towards these foods has led to a drastic increase in the occurrence of colon disorders. Therefore, there is a dire need for every individual to cleanse the body from the inside. This internal detoxification is carried out really well with the help of these pills.

The product also leads to a mild laxative effect for the perfect cleansing of the colon. Constipation affects a huge number of individuals today ranging from severe to mild. This condition often reoccurs again and again for many people. With the help of these pills, any form of constipation can be alleviated most effectively. There will be no more trouble and discomfort in the bathroom. In addition, once the bowels have been cleared properly, there will be no flatulence and smelly gas. This also has an effect on the body’s water retention as it eases bloating. This entire laxative effect is absolutely gentle on the digestive system. Users need not worry about getting a lose stomach of frequent defecation. This laxative is only mild enough to alleviate constipation over a period of time through regular use.

What are the Ingredients?

The product consists of not just one but ten powerful yet gentle ingredients. Each of these ingredients is natural. This means the pills treat the issue in a natural way instead of adopting a chemical approach involving medication. Prolonged use of medicines and chemicals might fix the problem but also leads to side-effects. However, there is no such issue in the case of Internal 911. In addition, this is the first ever gastrointestinal product to offer this particular combination of these potent ingredients which are amazingly effective.

Among some of the most effective ingredients is powder of psyllium husk. It regulates the function of the colon and aids the movement of stool along this path. This is done by drawing sufficient water into the colon in order to soften up the stool. In this way, constipation is relieved. On the other hand, this ingredient is also helpful at treating the symptoms of diarrhea.

Another ingredient helping with both constipation as well as diarrhea is powder of oat bran. Similarly, flaxseed also promotes regular bowel movements owing to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

The detoxification of the body is carried out by bentonite clay which is another important component of these pills. Apart from cleansing the body, it also strengthens the natural defense system so that various infections and diseases can be prevented.

Similarly, there are many other natural ingredients found in this product which work together to promote a healthy colon. As a result, individuals can feel a drastic improvement in the bowel movements and avoid all discomfort.

All of these ingredients are mild and create no harsh effect. However, it is important to take the right dose in order to achieve the optimum benefits and avoid any harmful effects.

Who has Developed the Product?

These pills have been formulated by PhytAge Laboratories. The company is well-known for its effective skin products. There have been a large number of satisfied customers who appreciated this line of products. Now there are more happy customers who praise the gastrointestinal supplements developed by the company. Internal 911 is one of these products. Being created by a reliable name in the field, the product guarantees safety in addition to effectiveness.

Is the Product Worth the Money?

These pills offer the perfect solution to reoccurring constipation and irregular bowel movements. These common issues are quite difficult to treat without addressing the root cause. Many individuals fail to achieve relief despite strong medications. These medicines often end up with various undesirable side-effects. On the other hand, being composed of natural ingredients, Internal 911 creates no trouble for the overall health. It is a natural approach towards treating gastrointestinal issues effectively.

The detoxification of the body is very important for a smooth gastrointestinal function. This in turn leads to many other benefits for the body as well. At the top of the list are a clearer skin and weight loss. As the toxins are removed from the body, skin issues are resolved while bloating is also alleviated which promotes weight loss. In addition, individuals will also be able to get rid of a constant bad breath. All these benefits definitely make the product worth one’s money.

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