Hearing X3 Zenith Labs Review – High Quality Hearing Supplement?

Hearing X3 by Zenith Labs is a supplement that has been designed to help people who suffer from hearing loss. The product has an organic composition and a scientifically-backed formulation. It comes from a renowned company and has an efficient approach. It clears the blockage in the ears which constricts blood flow to enable to the ears to pick sounds easily.

Hearing X3 Review

Difficulty in hearing is something most people consider a small issue. Little do they know that those who go through this problem often find themselves in situations where the people they are with feel frustrated with them. The inability to listen to noises clearly often keeps one in the dark in a lot of matters, confused, and also irritated with his own self.

While ear plugs exist, they are not a very helpful solution. A natural alternative that can work from the inside of the system to better one’s condition is more preferable. One such product is Hearing X3. This product contains high quality, natural ingredients, that have been proven by science to be effective at improving ear health.

This supplement is a creation of the director of Zenith Labs. Dr. Ryan Shelton doesn’t just hold that title, but he also has related experience and expertise. This man has dedicated a huge chuck of his life to helping people by bringing to them natural supplements that have the backing of clinical research. This product is, thus, one that can be relied on.

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There are many incredible qualities that Hearing X3 comes with. Some of these have been briefly discussed below.


The best part about this supplement is that it has an organic composition. When it comes to supplements, this feature is one that matters a lot. As products with a chemical composition are not as reliable. Natural means that it wouldn’t damage one’s health in any way.

Free of side effects:

Another point that stands in the favor of this product is that it doesn’t have any negative side effects of use. Since the ingredients’ list of the supplement doesn’t include any harmful substances such as fillers or additives. Therefore, there are no reported side effects and it is safe to consume.


Another reason this supplement is a great choice is that it is easy to use. It doesn’t put one through the risks of surgery. Neither does it require one to go for regular checkups. All one has to do is consult his doctor once before using the supplement and that is it.

Renowned company:

Before going for any product, one always checks if the brand behind it is well-known and worth depending on. This product comes from Zenith Labs, a company that has several other of its products doing well on the market.

Money-back guarantee:

Additionally, the supplement has the backing of a 180 days’ long money refund policy. This shows that the company is confident about the working of its product and not a fraud. Those who are unsatisfied with the results can return the bottle and get their money back.

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Hearing X3 is a product that has efficacy on its side owing to its optimum working and potent ingredients. Because unhealthy ears function very differently. Like healthy ears they don’t eliminate toxins and neither do they combat the damage that occurs due to the buildup of toxins. The root cause of hearing decline arises due to these two issues which further cause constricted blood flow.

Whenever any organ of the body doesn’t receive blood, it functions at a level way below its optimum. This supplement protects cochlea hair cells so that one’s hearing works properly. For this it increases blood flow to the cochlea and its hair cells. Hence, the sounds that one hears are picked more easily by one’s ears.

This product works to protect cochlea hair cells so that the hearing of a person is not compromised. To maintain proper hearing, it also increases blood flow in the cochlea and its hair cells so that noises and voices are picked up by the ears conveniently. The supplement also fights off oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused due to exposure to extremely loud sounds all the time.

Toxins are also flushed out. Because if impurities are left to stay inside the ears, they stiffen and damage hair cells. Also, this product combats inflammation which also plays a contributory role in destroying ear health. It makes sure that the health of hair cells is not compromised. The ears are nourished to health and saved from hearing problems. This is how this product works.

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Hearing X3 is an amalgam of natural and highly powerful ingredients. This is what makes it so efficient. The supplement doesn’t comprise of any dangerous elements. The following are the components of this product.

Gingko Biloba: this ingredient works to raise blood flow, cleanses toxins from the ears and saves the ears from further damage. It also boosts one’s immunity.

Resveratrol: resveratrol is an antioxidant that combats hearing decline by controlling inflammation which is responsible in causing it too. It also controls the harm that has been caused in the cochlea.

Gotu kola: this compound opens up small capillaries and blood vessels in the ears that have been blocked. In this way it allows better blood flow.

Vitamin B complex: vitamin B complex supports increased blood flow, flushes out toxins, also fights off the damage caused by proteins and other destructive agents.

COQ10: this component saves the ears from the harm caused due to oxidative stress by behaving like a barrier that keeps loud noises out.

The supplement has other ingredients as well. These are N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Vitamin C, Astragalus, Zinc Citrate Chrysanthemum, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. 

Final Verdict

There are many supplements out there but very few focus on the health of the ears. Hearing X3 is an amazing product that works to ensure the health of the ears and to save them from a decline in their abilities to listen. For this purpose, the dietary pill combines safe and natural ingredients that have been proven by science to be efficient.


Date Last Updated: 31st Mar, 2018

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