Flat Belly Flush Review – DOES IT REALLY WORK?

Eating well and working out do help in maintaining a healthy and strong body but they are not enough to remove the belly bulge that is especially common amongst middle aged men and women. Belly fat does not only put a person at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases – it also makes them vulnerable to digestive disorders. If all attempts to make the belly fat “budge” have failed, try the Flat Belly Flush by Derek Wahler. The Flat Belly Flush is designed to help eliminate the extra fat that is accumulated around the stomach. Read on to find out how it works…

Belly Fat – the dangerous fat:

Fat becomes accumulated in various places on a person’s body. However, studies have shown that stomach is the most difficult to lose weight. This is because there are two different types of fats – the subcutaneous and the visceral. The subcutaneous fat lie just beneath the skin and a moderate amount of that fat is essential for life. The stomach however, targets the visceral fat which lies deep inside the abdomen and surrounds a person’s internal organs.

Regardless of a person’s overall weight, having a large amount of belly fat can lead to:

  • Heart problems
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Dementia
  • Some types of cancer
  • Sleep apnea
  • Insulin resistance

Factors that contribute to belly fat:

There are various reasons for stubborn belly fat. These include:

  • Age
  • Hormonal changes
  • Family history
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Improper diet and exercise

How does Flat Belly Flush work?

According to Harvard Medical School, more than half of the American population is struggling with weight issues. Regardless of a person’s age, gender, and lifestyle – belly fat is unattractive and possesses a hidden threat to a person’s health. It can even shorten a person’s life. And that was experienced by the creator of Flat Belly Flush – Derek Wahler.

Derek Wahler is a certified personal trainer and the maker of several other successful weight loss programs. After being hospitalized and diagnosed with an unknown condition, Derek Wahler set out to learn as much as possible about the issue and find ways to overcome it. The Flat Belly Flush is based on fighting a condition known as “Fat Oxidation Syndrome” which the maker himself went through.

In the condition the food that is consumed doesn’t burn for energy. It is transported into fat cells. When the body is unable to digest food properly, it begins to store fat. This means that regardless of a person’s diet, the food will be continued to store as fat.

Research from Tampere University Finland also claims that those who are subjected to this disorder are likely to be more at risk of hyperthyroidism. The condition can also lead to fat surrounding the vital organs which can put the person more at risk of heart and lung problems amongst other.

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The good news is that the Fat Oxidation Syndrome or the “digestive glitch” can be reversed. This is explained easily in the Fat Belly Flush program. The program teaches how to bypass the digestive issues for optimal health. According to the author of the program, the user must follow three simple steps.

  • First, the person must avoid doing high impact workouts that can actually damage their knees, joints, ankles, and back.
  • Second, they must stop counting calories and avoid putting their body into starvation mode.
  • Thirdly, the user of the program should not only rely on eating green vegetables assuming that it will miraculously melt away the fat in the body.

A higher metabolism:

Another benefit of using the program is that it enhances the user’s metabolism. The author of the program claims that a person’s fat burning metabolism can be raised by 53% after following the guide. The results of the program are astonishing and many users have experienced a healthier and a better lifestyle after following the program.

What’s included with the program?

The Fat Belly Flush is an easy to use program that provides the user with all the vital information. Included in the program are:

Flat Belly Flush Manual: The easily downloadable manual provides a thorough description of herbs, species, oils, and the “red water” that is the essence of the program.

5-Mintue Fat Flushing Workout Videos: The easy to follow and download videos are easy to follow with Derek Wahler coaching the user at every step.

60 Second Belly Slimming Bursts: The short workouts can be done anytime of the day and won’t cause the body to store food as fat.

Apart from these, the consumer will also receive bonus items that are:

Eat These Carbs Before Bed to Burn More Fat: In the bonus program, Derek Wahler shares some tasteful carbs that can be eaten before going to bed which help the weight loosing process.

3 Worst Belly Bulging Veggies to Avoid: Vegetables are good but some of them can trigger inflammation that results in a bulging waistline.

Is it safe to purchase the program?

This program is based on scientific explanation and provides a detailed explanation on how the belly fat is accumulated as well as proven ways to trim the excess down. The program is fun, exciting, and easy to follow – something that users will have no problem incorporating in their daily routine.

The Flat Belly Flush program is available for only $37.00. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so the users can try it risk-free and if they are not satisfied, Derek Wahler will give a full refund – no questions asked! To learn more about the Derek Wahler’s Fat Belly Flush program and purchase inquiry – visit the official website by clicking the link below.


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